Examinations and
Invigilation Policy

Examinations And Invigilation Policy​


This policy gives details of the rules around exam invigilation and exam conduct that applies to all staff.

The assessment of delegates and the integrity of the examination process is of paramount importance to APT Apprenticeships (APT) which is a trading name of APT Health and Safety Training Solutions LTD. The Training staff play a central role in helping to ensure that security is maintained, and examinations are conducted in a fair and appropriate manner and all learners are able to sit examinations in a suitable environment in accordance to awarding body scheme rules.

2. examination requirements

  1. The Operations Team will be responsible for the setting up of the room in accordance to scheme rules.
  2. Examination rooms must be suitably quiet, in an undisturbed location, with adequate space ventilation and lighting
  3. There must be a minimum of 1.25m between each delegate. Where this is not possible, different examinations must be issued (so that they can not see each other’s work)
  4. There must be a clean desk environment i.e. all books, notes removed from the desk. Please see the clean desk policy.
  5. A clock must always be visible
  6. All mobile telephones (including iWatches etc) must be turned off during the exam period.
  7. If the delegate leaves the room during the examination, they will not be permitted to return until the final delegate is complete.

3. invigilation requirements

  1. All exams must always be invigilated to prevent collusion between delegates
  2. Invigilators can be the course tutor/trainer and/or another person that is aware of the relevant scheme rules.
  3. Examination rules must be given to the delegates prior to starting the examination
  4. Appeals process must be given to the delegates prior to the start of the exam


Resist examinations may take place in accordance to the qualifications scheme rules where applicable

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