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Working for companies of all sizes, from large multi-nationals to SMEs to family-run independents, the MRGO role will see an individual taking on a wide range of different tasks and responsibilities both outside on the yard and in an office-like environment. A team player, an MRGO will be charged with handling all types of equipment and will perform the many tasks undertaken in a metal recycling yard. MRGOs will identify different metals, sort and separate them into grades and understand the commercial impact grading has on the organisation; over 100+ different metallic material groups are regularly traded. Other tasks could involve processing End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV), Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) and Large Domestic Appliances (LDA). The MRGO will develop a knowledge and appreciation of a wide range of processes, site administration, risk assessment as well as legislation relating to metal recycling. The MRGO will attain the skills to operate industry-specific and generic plant and equipment, such as a forklift truck, shear and cable strippers. Safety will form a key element of the MRGO’s role – they will be expected to work safely within a team to ensure materials are processed and handled in the correct and safest way.

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will set the selection criteria and specify the entry requirements applicable to the area of work. Typically, employers prefer individuals that already hold GCSE grades C or above in English and maths.


The apprenticeship will typically last 12-18 months.


Apprentices without level 1 English and maths will need to achieve this level and take the test for level 2 English and maths prior to taking the end-point assessment.

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Complimentary Recruitment Service

At APT Apprenticeships, we know how time-consuming and expensive it can be to recruit new, motivated staff to your business. This is why we offer a complimentary recruitment service.

We will advertise your vacancy, screen applicants and pre-interview potential candidates to ensure you only interview the most appropriate people for your specific role – all free of charge – saving you time and money.


advertise vacancy

Using a national portal that all prospective apprentices have access to.


screen applicants

Screen out applicants who do not meet the basic requirements for a position.



Learn more about a candidate before you conduct a more extensive employer interview.

Helping you to meet your goals


We are a leading apprenticeships provider with proof of concept in developing effective partnerships with our employer clients. We do this through the development and implementation of purposeful training.

Whatever your size or industry sector, we will take time to understand your business needs and work with you to design and deliver apprenticeships which are relevant to what you want to achieve.

We are here to help you improve the skills of your workforce, developing stronger employees who work well as individuals and as part of a strong team.

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