In England it is a statutory requirement for an apprentice to spend 20% of their paid time off-the-job. This will enable them to receive training and to gain the relevant skills needed to complete their apprenticeship.

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How does the government define off-the-job training?

Off-the-job training is training received by the apprentice, during the apprentice’s paid hours, for the purpose of achieving their apprenticeship.

What can be included in off-the-job training?

  • The teaching of theory, for example attending classroom lessons, lectures or online learning.
  • Practical training, possibly through shadowing, mentoring, industry visits and attendance at competitions.
  • Learning support and time writing assessments.

Does 20% off-the-job happen every week?

The time spent off-the-job has to be 20% of the overall paid contracted hours an individual spends as an apprentice. It can be delivered flexibly, for example, as part of each day, one day per week, one week out of five or as block release. The employer and training provider will decide the most appropriate model.

Where does the training take place?

The 20% off-the-job training can take place in or out of the work environment. Some employers have in-house training, whereas others work with Colleges, Universities and Training Providers like APT Apprenticeships to deliver the training. The training is then taught by subject experts, who have the required skills and experience to teach to a high level.

Will the learner get extra study time for exam or end point assessment preparation?

Although it isn’t a requirement for employers to provide study time, it is highly likely that the employer will help the learner to prepare by giving them time to revise and possibly run mock assessments for them. If the learner is struggling to complete their workload or studies, they should talk to their line manager, who might be able to help them find a better balance.

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